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Why Hibiki Is One Of The Most Popular Blended Whisky In Japan?

“Blended whiskeys are defined by the marriage of malts and the harmonious blend of aromas, as stated by famous food blogger “RICHARD JAMES HAVIS”

Japanese blended whiskies are gradually gaining popularity in other countries also.

There are lots of whiskies that Japanese prefer with their meals, but “Hibiki” is one of the most preferred whisky of all.

In Japan, “Hibiki means ‘harmony’. This is a very appropriate word that defines the conjugal of malts and the symphonic blend of aromas in this whisky.

Hibiki Whisky is the most prevalent line of blended Japanese Whiskies of all, and one of the global best-selling brands. One of the leading sellers of this Whisky is Ippin Japan mall. Here is their official website link for your reference:

Here is their official web link for your consideration:

Hibiki And Yamazaki

The preparation method is traditional and for centuries, Japanese people have followed the same tradition to make it to keep up with the original taste of the whisky.

HIBIKI is a brand that was introduced in the year 1989 by Suntory, originally with expressions having age statements of “17 and 21 years”.

“In the convention for whisky age statements, the age stated is the age of the youngest whisky in the blend” as stated on Wikipedia.

Later, a 30-years old expression was introduced in the year 1997, and a 12-year expression was introduced in 2009. Out of all the HIBIKI whiskies, lots of people have a liking for Hibiki 17.

Today, HIBIKI Whiskies are available in three most popular variations and that are:

• Hibiki 17
• Hibiki 21 years old
• Hibiki Japanese Harmony (no age statement).
Hbiki whisky

How HIBIKi Whisky is produced?

This whisky is prepared from orange peel, dried fruit, with baked apple and yes, with strawberry jam from start to finish, so for someone who hasn’t tasted any whisky before, you can begin with Hibiki whisky.

Whisky blending is very much an art form in Japan, says Masa, noting that the country’s reputation for attention to detail applies to the craft.

Do go through different kinds of whiskies made by Japanese people and of course read reviews on this amazing Hibiki Whisky, online.

Hibiki Whisky makers believe that whisky makers must take advantage of the benefits of the blending process, by making use of a diverse range of components and offering the best quality whisky to the whisky lovers.

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