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All You Want To Know About Pallet Strapping

Pallet Strapping or banding is the process in which metal or plastic is used to bundle the product together. It is used in large industries which ship their products from one end of the world to another.

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It can be applied manually or using a strapping machine. In both the cases, a band is placed around the product tightly. In order to secure the end of the strap around the product, a fastening method is used. This removes the excess material around the product. To carry loads of heavy industrial equipment companies like manufacture various types pallet strapping machines.

In this article, we’ll discuss the various types of Strapping Material that company use so that if the order comes from that firm it will reach safely and soundly to the destination.

Types of Strapping Material

Steel Strapping
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  • Steel Strapping

Steel strapping is the most commonly used strapping material in the industry. It is used to carry extremely heavy loads such as packing equipment of the industries, steel coils etc. It is applied manually with the tensioning tool and fastens them together by ruffling a steel buckle around the ends of the bands and then additional steel strapping is disposed of.

Plastic Strapping
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  • Plastic Strapping

Plastic Strapping give strength to the product. Elongation and recovery are the key factors to judge the type of plastic strap we would choose to pack the product. It can be applied automatically by strapping machine or manually by hand tensioning tool.

  • Polyester Strapping

Polyester strapping or pallet strapping machine is the most commonly used strapping material in the industrial world. It is commonly known for strength and durability. It could be seen as the replacement of steel strapping in the long run. The extension of the polyester strap minimises the effect of jerks that may occur during shipping.

Polypropylenre Strapper
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  • Polypropylene Strapping

Polypropylene strapping is economical strapping material among all that discussed above. It is made to cover light to medium loads. It has the highest level of elongation that made the users pack the product easily. If we use them for heavy loads then there will be the dead stretch in it and it can’t come to its original shape.

It is very important to know your shipping goal rather than its packing. If you want to ship a lightweight material then go for corresponding strapping material and if you have to ship a heavy product to the destination then it is very important to choose the strapping material i.e. able to carry loads of your product. Learn the benefits of strapping machines and their uses from this link.


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