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Using A Shipping Container To Move Your House

If you are planning to shift across the country, nothing can be more affordable and safe than shipping containers. Several shipping companies in Australia provide a number of container removals options to suit every type of move; whether it is residential, commercial, local, or around the world.

The following are some of the options provided shipping containers removal companies in Australia:

Full Container Loads (FCL):

In this type of service, the whole container is assigned to your belongings only. That means the container will carry only your stuff. This makes it the most time-effective method of shifting your stuff to another place.

Shipping Container

Shared container loads (SCL):

FCL is used when there are lots of things to get transported. But what if the number of items is less? In this case, you may use a shared container loads option. Here you are allowed to share the container with other people.

As the shipping container is shared between two or more people, you have to pay less for the transportation. Though the transit time in SCL is a bit longer, that should be okay if you want to keep cost down.

Less than full container loads (LCL):

Imagine you have a small shipment that has to be sent as soon as possible. For this type of shipment, the shipping containers Melbourne companies have come up with the LCL option.  Your stuff is packed and secured into a wooden box before being placed in the container with other items.

Shipping Container Hire

Advantages of shipping containers removals:

With the help of shipping containers, you can move your belongings without any risk of damage. Your stuff will be packed and unpacked by trained professionals. They will make use of cushioning materials as well as cartons to make sure everything is safe.

The shipping containers are strong enough to withstand severe weather conditions. Also, they have tamper-proof locks to provide extra security.

You may also use them as a short-term storage solution, in case your new house is not ready for the shifting.

These were some of the advantages of using a shipping container to move your house. To make your moving task easier, here some additional hints that you may use while packing your stuff.

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