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Simple and Yummy Vegetarian Appetizer Recipes

Whether you are throwing a party or asked to bring an antipasto to someone else’s home, you have a large number of easy and yummy vegetarian appetizer recipes to pick from.

Not only these vegetarian recipes are easy to make on your own but can be prepared with basic ingredients that you can find at your local grocery store. In addition, you can add mixed vegetables to a lot of these recipes to make something new and unique. You can even visit  and find recipes for easy and delicious

One great option when you are seeking for vegetarian antipasto recipes is to prepare bite-size grilled cheese sandwiches. For this tasty dish, you don’t need to buy sandwich bread and slices of American cheese.

Rather, buy a few thin loves of fancier bread, such as baguettes, French bread, or even mini rye bread, and then made it with your choice of cheese such as gruyere or Swiss, mild cheeses etc.

Also, add a small slice of a red tomato inside this sandwich. Gently cook the sandwiches in a pan or in the microwave until the bread starts to brown and the cheese melts. You can even try mini cheese tart recipe and serve it elegantly on a plate.

Next option for vegetarian appetizer recipes includes phyllo pastries stuffed with different vegetables. Phyllo dough usually can be found in your local grocery store. When working with phyllo dough to make tasty appetizers, you have a number of different options.

One option would be to prepare a more traditional spinakopita, that is made with fresh spinach combined with garlic and feta cheese.

Separate your phyllo dough into big squares and brush with some melted butter or olive oil. Then, combine the filling together and fold the phyllo in between to make triangles and pinch shut. ¬†Those who don’t want to add any vegetables can just add garlic with feta cheese. Navigate here to see the best Appetizer recipes in the universe.

A third option for delicious vegetarian antipasto recipes is to make mini quiche. Put your eggs, butterfat, and cheese, along with your selection of vegetable, into the mini quiche shells. Some good options for vegetables include a diversity of mushrooms, cauliflower, bell pepper, and onions.

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