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How to sell a Rolex watch online?

Across the world, Rolex is very popular and largely in-demand in both the retail and financial market for its exclusive watches.

Selling a Rolex watch can be easier than selling other brand’s watches. As the expensive watch market is facing a difficult time, the Rolex watches industry is still running successfully. You just have to ask yourself where can I sell my Rolex and look for a trustworthy buyer firt.

Before you start selling your Rolex watch, there are a few things to consider.

Check out the reference information of the Rolex to put up for sale.

Here are a few of the other things to consider:

  • Check the box and documents of the Rolex to sell.
  • Investigate the secondhand principles and compare why they are not the similar as the retail.
  • Capture images of the Rolex to sell
  • Find a good reputation broker or a dealer to sell your Rolex.

Original box and bill receipt

The right method to sell a Rolex watch is to have the original box and bill receipt along with it. Documents include the watch’s warranty card, manual, receipt, and repair record.

If you don’t have the original box and documents of the second-hand Rolex you’re selling, do not worry. It’s surely still possible to sell a second-hand Rolex without them. But this will decrease the selling price of the timepiece.


It is always important to do your investigation and to measure the difference between the retail and resale price.

Online sale sites:

This can be a lengthy procedure in which you will make a profit if you follow a thorough search procedure. Here is a link for your reference:


Communicating with an unfamiliar person while in the possession of a luxurious Rolex timepiece is not at all a nice thought. So you can refer to the Craigslist for a list of reputed buyers.

Pawn Shops:

Whenever go to a pawn shop you get a perfect and reasonable price of your Rolex watch. So, try visiting one for a great offer.  You can also read this article to find out some other methods of buying, selling and collecting watches.

Now that you’ve known a lot about selling your Rolex watch, go out and make a worthy deal.


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