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An Overview Of Hydraulic Cylinders

These days high tech system are been used which make things work smoothly and efficiently. The hydraulic cylinder is one of the components which have been developed. These components are similar to mechanical actuators.

There are various companies that provide these components.  In case you looking for these components in Perth then you can simply search on Google ‘hydraulics Perth’.

In hydraulic cylinders, unidirectional force is produced by a unidirectional stroke. These devices are used in the construction of equipment.  Hydraulic cylinders are also used in different engineering vehicles. With hydraulic fluid, a linear force or motion is produced. Hydraulic cylinders are also used in power transfer.

hydraulic cylinders

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If you are planning to purchase hydraulic cylinder then you should consider aspects given below:

  •    Configuration
  •    Operating specifications
  •    Materials of construction

Understanding of transpires is important in order to know about hydraulic cylinders.  You can check about industrial hydraulic supplies online as there are many sites that provide such components.

Two main components of hydraulic cylinders are even below:

  •    Piston rod
  •    Cylindrical Barrel


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Knowing about cylinder barrel

Cylinder barrel is basically an area in which a piston moves back and forth. These parts are enclosed by cap end.

Design of hydraulic cylinders

There are two different styles available in the hydraulic cylinder. The first one is known as tie rod cylinder. In these cylinders strengthened and threaded steel rods are used for connecting the end caps via cylinder barrel.  Such cylinders are quite popular in factories.

The most popular design in hydraulic cylinders is:

  • Large bore cylinders
  • Small bore cylinders

Tie rod design is another design of a hydraulic cylinder. Such cylinders are known as welded body cylinder. Browse here in order to get more information about hydraulic cylinders.

In equipment like bulldozers, excavators and road graders such designs provide great benefit.


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