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Mehriban Aliyeva- A Name Of Success Over Gender Equality

The recent appealing article of Rob Sobhani on the appointment of Mehriban Aliyeva for the Post of Vice President in Azerbaijan took the subject of Power of woman into the center of consideration. Mehriban Aliyeva, the first lady of Azerbaijan, has come as a shining star in the dark sky of the Muslim world where the women are still fighting for their basic fundamental rights and gender equality.

The Condition of Women in Islamic countries is not as good as in the other western counterparts. The treatment of women in the Islamic country has always been a subject of immense controversy.


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In an era of development where everyone is talking about human rights, it is an irony that still there are regions where women are struggling for religious tolerance.

It is high time to celebrate and support the victory of intelligence and equality in order to have a co-existed peaceful world. Regardless of the region, many developed countries like the United States have applauded the Aliyeva’s win.

Mehriban Khanum, whose name literally means “kind lady,” represents the fundamental value of religious tolerance in Azerbaijan with the public support of Members of the Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Bahai.

She is a lady with a wise mind & generous heart; she has championed numerous philanthropic projects around the world. For example, immediately after the 2008 earthquake in Pakistan, she mobilized the resources of the Heydar Alieve Foundation to rebuild a school in one of the most remote regions of that country.


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