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All About Medical Laboratory Equipments

Lab equipment plays an important role in performing various experiments, research, and measurements. In the medical laboratory, the technicians perform various analyses and researches to diagnose the diseases.

The Medical Laboratories in NY are popular for their researches as they have a great quality of medical equipment. In order to diagnose the disease, it is important to have a well-equipped medical lab.

Laboratory Equipment

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Below mentioned are some medical equipment that is widely used in laboratories:

Beakers: Beakers are the multi-functionary equipment that is widely used in a medical laboratory. These beakers are used to preserve chemicals. Beakers have embedded graduation that is used to check the volume of chemical or liquids.

Flasks: Flasks are used to contain the chemicals. In this flask, you can perform various tests such as mixing, heating, and cooling of the chemicals. There are various types of flasks such as

  • Erlenmeyer flasks
  • Florence Flask and
  • Volumetric Flask.

Laboratories Tools

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Pipette: These pipettes are basically used for transferring the predetermined volume of chemical or liquid from one equipment to another. There are two types of pipette:

  • Graduated pipette
  • Volumetric pipette

DNA Analyzer: This equipment is used to analyze the DNA of a person. This is also used to compare the genetic data of two people. DNA analyzer also tracks down the inherited disease.

Microscopes: Microscope help to view the organisms at a molecular level. microscope plays an important role in a molecular lab. They are used to study the behavior and function of various microorganism that can be used to cure the disease. Below are the types of microscopes that are used in medical laboratories:

  • Compound light microscope
  • Electron microscope
  • Proximity probe microscope

Electron Microscope

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Gamma Counter: These gamma counters are used to research the radioactive compound that can be used to diagnose the diseases. These are majorly used in nuclear medicine measurement.

Crucibles: Crucibles are the container that are used to store the chemicals when heated at high temperature.


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