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What Is Marijuana Cloning Basically?

The process of cloning is somewhat comparable to inheritance in which identical twins are created of an organism, which can be of a plant, human, and animals, etc. Cloning may occur naturally but ideally, it’s done in laboratories. Taking this topic further I must brief you about plants cloning. Let’s take an example of marijuana clone. A marijuana clone is itself a part of that original plant that eventually becomes an identical copy.

More Details About Marijuana Clones

A marijuana clone is produced by obtaining the healthiest section of a marijuana plant to form a completely new marijuana plant. So basically, cloning process is to create an exact genetic copy of the original one. Each and every single bit of their DNA is totally similar.

marijuana clone

There are various nurseries where you can find marijuana clones, cuts, and seeds at best price. You can even search online by just typing a phrase like “marijuana clones near me” on Google.

Why marijuana clones?

Now it’s time to answer your most important query why marijuana clone? Or isn’t it easy to use seeds instead of marijuana clone? One main benefit of using marijuana clone is that you can get exactly the same copy of the marijuana plant you have selected to create new baby plants.

If you clone the original and healthiest plant accurately and keep up the maintenance of new plants, you can grow various generations of the original plant.

what is marijuana clone

Benefits Of Marijuana Clone

  1. The major benefit of marijuana clone over the seed is that cloned plants “flower faster” as compared to seed plants.
  2. Growing marijuana with seed is a long process, but if you’re using clone you can skip the “seed germination” phase and eventually jump into the “plant-growing” stage.
  3. Marijuana clones are more “cost-efficient” than seeds. High-quality seeds are expensive. So using marijuana can save you money.

Marijuana business has started picking up in various parts of North and South America like Colombia. Here’s a great post to read where you can find latest updates on Marijuana business.


Where To Buy Marijuana Clone?

If you want to plant marijuana clone at home, it is important to purchase clones from a licensed corporation. One of the most reliable places to buy marijuana is the medical marijuana dispensary in the U.S that have recreationally authorized marijuana. Regions like California, Colorado, Oregon etc have selected dispensaries that sell various marijuana clones.

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