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When To Look For In Blocked Drains

Draining systems is widely used these days, as it ensures to give us a healthy and clean environment for work and residency. However, since the systems are out of sight and work well most of the time, people ignore them rather frequently.

Property owners rarely pay attention to a blocked drain following the damage and forget that this attitude can lead to a lot of issues including safety and health hazards. To mitigate these problems, everyone who owns property should have the fundamental knowledge of the causes of blocked drains and plumbing, prevention steps, and the steps to take when the inevitable happens.

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Causes of Blocked Drains

Drains whether commercial or domestic suffer from similar blockage problems at one point or the other. The most common causes of the clogging include large foreign objects since they aren’t designed to handle such. Some of them include:

sewer pipe relining

– Baby wipes,

– Sanitary products,

– Toilet deodorant block holders,

– Twigs,

– Grease,

– Silt

The foreign matter finds their way through cracks, holes, or joints of the pipes and as they build up, they decrease the efficacy of the drain and eventually result in a blockage. When the drain blocks, water can’t pass through the drain and fills it up which can lead to flooding, damage to the house’s structure and wiring and in many cases affect the electric appliances and connections.

Blocked drain relining is done to make sure that they are working perfectly. 

Signs to Look Out For In Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are caused by many different things and you need to call a specialist if you spot any of these signs.

– Bad smells and stench wafting through the building’s laundry room, kitchen, or bathroom,

– The bathroom that fills up continually and requires time for the water to rich the required level,

– Water filling up the shower and begins to retreat only after you leave the shower,

– An obvious overflow of water when you look outside.

When You Should Engage a Professional Drain Cleaning Expert


When dealing with drains, consult an expert. It can seem like a simple and cheaper option to attempt to use your national high-pressure jet or length piping to clear the drain, but without the knowledge of what is causing the congestion, prevention of more flooding, and cleaning the drain without causing additional damage is significantly safer and cheaper in the long term. Therefore, an expert with years of experience is what you need.

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