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Knowing About Dental Implant

With recent changes in cosmetic dentistry now it is possible to implants lost teeth or veneers in order to change the surface appearance of teeth. You can visit any oral surgeon Brooklyn for carrying out this treatment.

In dental implants treatment, a metal rod is placed at the jawline. Then a molded artificial tooth or crown is placed where the former tooth was present. The treatment is lifetime and makes your gum line healthy.

What are the requirements for dental implants?

If you want to undergo dental implant then you should have healthy gums and strong bone. A dental implant has look and feels of regular teeth and you can chew food and do all activities that you use to do with regular teeth.


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Before the implant treatment is carried out the condition of the gum tissues, and the size, shape, and position of the jaw bones are checked.

The person with poor dental hygiene, diabetics are usually discouraged for implants as the chances of gum disease and infection are higher in such cases.  The dental implants failure is due to osteoporosis or taking steroids for a longer time duration.

For dental implants there are three major parts:

Titanium metal- That is fixed to the jawline

Abutment or post- It is fitted over the implant, in order to provide a natural look to implanted tooth/teeth.

Titanium rod- It is a lower part of the implant that is fused with existing jawline.


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What is the procedure for dental implants?

In dental implants Brooklyn treatment, the dentist takes the mold of existing teeth and makes a crown according to that to replace the former tooth.

The dentist will make sure that the shade of white that is selected for the implant is close to of your existing teeth. In such a way the implanted tooth look similar to other teeth.

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