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Easy And Cool Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Planning kids birthday party is nothing less than climbing a mountain, maybe because birthday parties have become more than just birthday parties, they’ve turned into a typhoon of themed exhibitions, KIND OF…..

It is up to us how we want the party to appear because you want to make it memorable for your kids and their friends.

We all know that kids love fun and if some creativity is added in that fun that will help them in grooming into a versatile person.

AND…..What else can be a better occasion than their birthdays?

Planning parties, especially themed ones is a tricky job and sometimes can be a costly affair.

No Worries, there are budget-friendly and innovative ideas to throw a birthday bash, just continue to read this article.

birthday party ideas

There are end numbers of birthday party ideas and some of them are mentioned below:

• Slip n slide
Organic facial line make up party,
• Spa party ideas
• Bath Bombs making
• Outdoor camping
• Superhero party theme, etc.

The ideas are in abundance, if you do not want to spend much, you can pick any indoor party option.

For arranging indoor parties, you can opt for bath bombs making theme. Kids love fun, and you won’t have to spend much. In the market, you get a lot of ingredients to make bath bombs.

Other than this, you can pick home based ingredients, instead of ingredients that have lots of chemicals. These chemicals can be unsafe for your child.

Down below is mentioned one of the simplest and safest bath bomb making recipe that can be made from home ingredients:

Ingredients Required:

• Baking soda: 2 cups
• Essential oil
• Citric acid: 1 cup
• Almond or olive oil: 1 tablespoon
• Epson salt: 1/2 cup
• Food coloring of your choice

kids birthday party

Stuffing molds or ice cube trays or hollow Easter eggs, or even Christmas tree ornaments that pops open and get closed, can be used to give shape to bath bombs. You can look for more ideas and recipes of bath bombs at various internet sources


• Blend citric acid along with baking soda and Epsom salt in a bowl.
• Then add almond or olive oil, essential oils and food color of your choice.
• Slowly add water so that there is no foaming reaction, if still that happens, pour water more slowly.
• Make your mixture clammy so that it can easily take the shape of the molds, but it should not be too wet.
• Fill the mixture into the molds and let it rest for a few minutes, and then slowly tap to release them from it.
• Let the bath bombs dry for at least five hours. And at the time of bath, just drop them in the bath tub and let your kids enjoy!

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