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Different Types of Hookahs To Choose From

With the wide variety of hookah options available today, it’s little difficult to know exactly what you really want to buy. For sure, some pictures are nice, but this doesn’t mean that they are suitable according to your requirements. However, here is a small guide to help you decide the right shisha hookah for you.

Egyptian hookahs- They are of a traditional type that you might have seen in the authentic hookah bars. These hookahs are usually three feet long, elaborate, and offer an amazing smoking experience. The only con is that they are not really easy to move around, so if portability is a major concern, you should consider other options.

Lebanese hookahs- These sort of hookahs are usually hand-crafted collection these other types of hookahs. These hookahs are a sure conversation starter. They have all the things you’d expect and often come with jewels enhancing the bass.

Modern hookahs- With portability as an important factor in most, these hookah wholesale will fit your lifestyle. There is a wide range of larger hookahs, revolving, with modern, and often space-aged looking stems available. They are not often available at cafes, but they are best to use in homes.

Turkish hookahs- They usually range from very small to extra large. They are available in many shapes and can be used with two or more hoses, so this is the best way of enjoying with friends.

Syrian hookahs- There is no doubt that they are one of the best hookahs available in the market. Beautiful and wee-crafted, they offer the smoke that is relatively unique. They’re study, chic, and best of all, quite unique, which makes them the best choice. To know how hookah is healthier than smoking a cigarette, you can click here.

In the end, there comes the Bohemian type, which is again large in size, but very well-constructed. They are not only stable, but also ensures virtually no leakage, so you will be getting all the smoke you need.

So next time you shop for hookahs, make sure you know what exactly you are looking for. Think about what’s necessary to you in a hookah, and then make a decision.

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