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Difference Between Welding And Metal Fabrication

For the majority of people, the terms ‘fabricating’ as well as ‘welding’ are interchangeable verbs, but that is actually not the case. The person who provides the services of sheet metal fabrication is different from the person who provides the welding services.

Basically, fabrication can be defined as the process of creating a particular project out of metal. On the contrary, welding can be defined as a singular operation which takes place during that process.

Metal Fabrication And Welding Difference

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Today, in this article we will be throwing some light on the basic differences between welding and metal fabrication.

Difference In The Tools

Even if the process of metal fabrication is carried out by some amateurs, it still needs tools such as angle grinder discs and a set of cleco fasteners.

But we cannot make use of the metal fabrication tools for the process of welding. This is because it require certain different instruments like adjustable wrench, abrasives, benders, consumable electrodes, electrode holders, welding clamps and many others.

Difference in the process

Welding Service

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Welding is a metal fabrication technique which tends to works hand in hand with the sheet metal fabrication.

For achieving the final product, every process tends to involve different techniques like assembling as well as bending.

Briefly speaking, welding can be known as the process which just involves the joining of two pieces of metal together. It does not involve any sort of designing, forming, layout creation, cutting or machining.

But contrary to this, since sheet metal fabrication is a highly comprehensive process, it is known to involve several different processes which include specialty techniques such as finishing, shrinking, die-cutting, roll forming,  hydro forming, etc.

We hope that this article succeeded in giving you a lot of quality information on both the processes as well as how they are implemented.

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