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How To Choose The Right Cigar Humidor?

For cigar lovers, cigar humidors are as important as cricket bat to the batsman. A wide range of cigar humidors are available in the market. Therefore, people often get confused which one to choose and which one to leave.

Choosing a right cigar humidor is as important as choosing a right cigar. Because you cannot afford to leave cigar open in the uncontrolled environment even for one day.

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Today, we will look at the few useful suggestions which can help you to figure out best humidors to buy. Let’s see ahead the tips to choose right cigar humidor:


Humidors are available in various sizes. The capacity of cigar humidor boxes varies from 300 to 5000. You can find the humidor that can store up to 5000 cigars. These humidors can be as big as the size of the room. So depending on your need you have to choose the right cigar humidor for yourself.

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If you travel a lot you need a type of cigar humidor box which you can carry with yourself. Travel humidor can store up to few dozens of cigar. If you want to store few hundreds of cigars then furniture humidor is the right choice for you.


The quality of cigar humidor depends on the quality of the wood used to manufacture cigar humidor box. Well-reputed manufacturers use the Spanish cedar to make cigar humidors. Humidors made of Spanish cedar works better and creates necessary ambiance for storing the cigar.

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Check the seal   

Before you buy cigar humidor ensure the seal of cigar humidor is not cracked. This is because unnecessary air can ruin the taste of the cigars. Purchase a cigar humidor box with a tight seal.

These are the few suggestion that can help you to figure out the high-quality cigar humidor box from the ordinary ones. You can also browse this website to know more about cigar humidor.


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