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Relations Of United States With Saudi Arabia

The United States has established diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia which began in 1933. Since the time of World War II, these two countries have been allied resistance to communism to support stable oil prices, economic stability in the Western countries and stability in the oil fields and oil shipping of the Persian Gulf where Saudi Arab traders …

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Mehriban Aliyeva- A Name Of Success Over Gender Equality

The recent appealing article of Rob Sobhani on the appointment of Mehriban Aliyeva for the Post of Vice President in Azerbaijan took the subject of Power of woman into the center of consideration. Mehriban Aliyeva, the first lady of Azerbaijan, has come as a shining star in the dark sky of the Muslim world where …

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Everything You Need to Know About the Great Entrepreneur and Author Rob Sobhani

Dr Sobhani a PhD scholar, was born February 14, 1960, has a long career in academia and business. He has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Caspian Group Holdings and Chief Executive Officer of Sparo Corporation. This leading entrepreneur has high expertise in energy, domestic policies and international relations. As the great entrepreneur, Rob …

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