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Add Style To Your Kitchen With Benchtops

The kitchen benchtop has a great and significant impact on the overall look of a kitchen. It can be the centerpiece of a kitchen and can usually be the focal point of a room where socialization takes place and can be the busiest place in a kitchen.

In your kitchen, a benchtop is the most utilized space. And it will be designed to keep in mind the functional value it can provide, it must be durable and strong enough to withstand daily usage. You should also remember the other factors such as water resistance, heat, maintenance expenses and ease of cleaning as well as the installation price and warranty.

In the past, Formica and plastic laminates designs were the popular choices because it was simple to maintain. Nowadays you can find many options and materials to pick from for your kitchen benchtop. Browse to get the best designs of benchtop for your kitchen.

Solid Surface

Solid surface kitchen benchtops may be the good option if you are looking for an affordable material. It is made of cast plastics like mineral, polyester, acrylic fillers and is very resistant to scratches. They are more durable and non- porous but get damaged by the hot pans. You can pick from a wide range of different colors and designs.


Granite is one of the most elegant looking benchtops. Granite is made of natural stone so it is the mark, dent proof and also water and heat resistant. However, it is recommended to use cleaning solutions meant for granite to keep its new look. You can also check out the latest designs of concrete benchtops Gold Coast online for your kitchen.


Quartz benchtops are made from the mixture of binders, natural quartz and resin pigments that makes it more strong and also maintains the look of natural stone. These are non-porous and hygienic, simple to clean and maintain. Quartz benchtops are also crack, scratch and dent proof that is available in a variety of designs and colors.

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